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Ronald Fong

Animation Director

Animation Director

I’m an animation director, with a specialization in CGI animation and 3D motion design, for a wide range of mediums, including advertising, commercials, TV shows, games, and films.

Character animation holds a special place in my heart as I acknowledge its profound ability to instill life into stories and establish empathy with audiences.

A well-crafted story is the key ingredient to memorable messaging, so I consciously aim to make each projects I undertake, meaningful and relatable.


In addition to my directorial duties, I manage my Instagram and YouTube channel dedicated to share creative expertise through video tutorials for the larger creative community.

Furthermore, I actively engage in speaking, panel discussions, and teaching roles at tertiary institutions, providing aspiring creatives with guidance to jumpstart their own ventures in the realm of creativity.


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During my teenage years, I found great joy in experimenting with early 3D software, using basic shapes like boxes and spheres to fuel my imagination with superhero concepts.

However, I desired more than mere playfulness. Driven by a passion to develop my own characters and narratives, I made the decision to enroll in the Digital Media Design Diploma Programme at Nanyang Polytechnic (NYP), specializing in Digital Animation.

Equipped with a blend of artistic and technical skills, I pursued advanced education at Nanyang Technological University (NTU) School of Art, Design and Media (ADM), renowned for its strong focus on cultivating artistic foundations and fostering conceptual thinking.

Throughout my time at NTU ADM, my interests naturally gravitated towards the storytelling aspects of animation, propelling me further in my creative journey.

Why CGI Animation?

Animation is a chosen medium of expression for me because it allows me to create visually engaging content that entertains, educates, and inspires viewers. The combination of technology and artistry in CGI aligns perfectly with my creative interests, making it my preferred method of visual storytelling.

While I thoroughly enjoy working on 3D motion design projects and embrace my enthusiasm as a self-proclaimed “geek,” I also hold a deep appreciation for traditional animation techniques. The fluid and expressive qualities found in hand-drawn and stop-motion animation captivate me just as much as their computer-generated counterparts.

To Infinity and Beyond

Over the course of ten years, I have had the pleasure of forging numerous meaningful connections with individuals who share my passion and dreams. Together, we embarked on exciting ventures, collaborated on a variety of projects. I am profoundly grateful for all the opportunities to be involved in these creative endeavors, and I am dedicated to make a sustainable career out of it.

The goal is to build an environment where artists, animators and designers can solve creative problems happily, and be proud of creating emotionally-engaging 3D motion design work. Hence, I established an CGI creative animation company — Masonry Studios.

At Masonry Studios, I have the privilege of collaborating with highly motivated and talented individuals, as we collectively bring to life captivating animation projects that are both enjoyable and relatable.

Masonry Studios

My vision is for the company to share a sincere dedication in telling stories in the best way possible, to work towards our client’s goals while respecting the creative development of the team, and individual artists.

Short Bio

Ronald Fong

Co-founder & Creative Director, Masonry Studios

A CGI animation director and educator who blends storytelling prowess with visual finesse, shaping his expertise in the creative realm. From technically-driven 3D animator to the founder of Masonry Studios, he navigates challenges, shares insights, and empowers the next generation of creatives through tutorials, talks, and business wisdom.


Ronald Fong

Co-founder & Creative Director, Masonry Studios

Ronald is a CGI animation director and educator in the creative industry. With a profound passion for storytelling and a keen eye for visual aesthetics, he embarked on a remarkable journey that has shaped his expertise and influence in the field.

Having initially established his career as a techically-driven 3D animator, Ronald underwent a significant transition, embracing the realms of conceptualization, storyboarding, and pitching as a story artist for a prominent children’s show at One Animation. Motivated by his relentless pursuit of artistic excellence, he eventually founded Masonry Studios, a venture dedicated to producing exceptional CGI advertisements, films, and music videos.

Throughout his creative journey, Ronald encountered a multitude of challenges and valuable learning experiences, particularly in comprehending the intrinsic value and pricing of creative services. As a tenacious creative entrepreneur, he willingly embraced the inevitable mistakes that arose and utilized them as transformative stepping stones. Recognizing the importance of sharing these invaluable insights, Ronald aspires to empower the next generation of creative professionals through his wisdom and guidance.

In recent years, Ronald has been actively engaged in giving back to the creative community through various avenues. His endeavors encompass crafting informative online tutorials, delivering insightful talks, and imparting knowledge in the realms of 3D animation, VFX, and the business intricacies of creative services. Through these endeavors, Ronald aims to enrich and inspire aspiring talents, ensuring their smooth transition into the ever-evolving creative landscape.