GOBELINS Summer school 2008 in Paris
Character Animation
From June 30th to July 11th, 2008
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Hello guys, I believe this will be my last post in Singapore before leaving for Paris to attend the Gobelins Summer School 2008!!

I’m very excited to meet people from all over the world with the common interest of animation, be it the lecturers, guest lecturers, or the other students attending this summer school. I’m even more thrilled to meet the students of Les Gobelins and to see their amazing work and how they work to achieve the result.

Given the numerous attractions in Paris, I believe this will be a very enriching trip in terms of exploring their art, culture, architecture, history and of course animation! :D

Now, I’ve got to do some preparation for the trip. I’ll be back in Singapore a couple of weeks later! See you!

Hi guys, I jumping around the CG Sites and ended up at Shawn Kelly’s Animation Tips and Tricks blog. After reading a few recent entries, I found this entry to be very useful for an animator. I believe it will kind of help if us when we are animating so that we don’t get lost during the process. Nice tip, I might have it printed out and pin it up at my work station. :)

Here’s the link:
What kind of workflow do you use?

Hey readers!

I found this really impressive animation by a student from AnimationMentor.com
Have a look! :)

On 30 June at Hortpark. My team and I won the Judges’ Choice Award category! The prize was some cash and more importantly an internship at Infinite Frameworks! :D Hopefully I will be able to go for the internship. There are some issues because I have had my attachment programme already. Probably somethings can be worked out to schedule the internship after graduation :)

Judges’ Choice Award winning animation entry from students Oh Han Wee, Goh Peng Fong, Tan Zi Chao, Ronald Fong Ren Kai, Lee Yong Yi.

Well, other than being a post attachment entry,

it’s literally about my attachment at VHQ POST.
The Industrial Attachment Programme is over and I have learnt a great deal. This entry can help me summarize it all.

Firstly, I will like to thank everybody at VHQ Post. Especially the people from the 3D Department, I seriously hope I had more time and chances to work with them.

I have improved a lot in the technical aspect of course, for example, Diana taught me some tips and tricks to “transfer” the animation of a geometry on a higher res geometry which can be useful in terms of doing cloth simulations in low res and then up res later. I have been using MEL in bits and pieces to do great 3D in Maya, we have a few lecturers in SIDM who are really capable of using the language. Back at VHQ, we have Ashish our technical director who seemingly uses his keyboard more than his mouse in maya! Ok, it’s an exaggertation but it’s true to an extent, even his animation is scripted! I also did some serious lighting and rendering. OVerall, my productivity in 3D has definately gone up.

There are many departments at VHQ, hence I will walk around to see how a productions actually works and get together. Out of curiousity, I kept asking questions to find out how their pipeline works in order to deliver great results within schedule. Definately, it required good planning to achieve that, hence they have a robust team of producers who fight for time and quality at the same time, such that every process in the production is given adequate time to complete.

To me, it was such a great experience working at VHQ Post. Now, I am applying what I have learnt to my Final Year Project! :)