Mr Kyle Balda, an experienced animator who has worked on animated features at Pixar and ILM was in Singapore for the past week. During this time, he conducted an acting and animation workshop at NYP-SIDM. Some of my friends and I recently attended his masterclass at Gobelins in Paris just before this Singapore session, and we flew back to Singapore for his masterclass in Singapore. Despite that, I still learnt a great deal this second session!

Today is the last day of his workshops and I took the opportunity to clarify all my doubts on animation. Just to summarize, he is very generous, pleasant and patient when sharing his tips and tricks, and the best part is, he makes his animation techniques very easy to absorb and digest. For me, it’s only after his masterclass that I know what is character animation (physicality vs acting & performance).

As with everything that I learnt, I will continuously put to use his teachings into my animation so that I will keep improving and I will not forget. I have a good chance to practice my character animation now because I am working on a short film production for the school right now and it’s in its animation phase! Great! I really appreciate everything he taught us.

Had a photo-taking session at the end of the masterclass and hopefully I’d be able to get my hands on the photographs and I’ll post them here. :D

I will be working on character animation tomorrow!

Deviant Art launched a new interface a couple of days ago and I think it is pretty cool. I should probably build up my DA gallery properly.