Description:Thought of painting something but there was nothing around,
except for this glass at my desk.
A quick sketch to practice observation skills.
The background was made-up so it’s highly inaccurate :P

Time taken: 10 minutes
Medium: Photoshop, Wacom


Came across something really interesting the other day.
An ingenius player by Chaos Group.
Many people are used to fcheck which comes with Maya, which plays image sequences.
If I’m not wrong, it’s something similar to fcheck just that it has a lot more features!
Looking at the features list, this player can come in very handy

Key features
• Layered sequence playback
• Realtime interactions
• External device output
• Industry standard file format support including HDR, EXR, CIN, DPX, SGI, TGA and more
• Variable framerate playback
• Infinite workspace
• Global and per-layer aspect ratio
• Layer flip, scale, position and crop
• Color controls including lift, gamma, gain, brightness, contrast, hue and saturation
• Exposure and soft clip controls for high dynamic range images
• Ability to save a composition
• Export composition or single layer as sequence or AVI/Quicktime movie
• Export composition as Adobe After Effects JSX script
• Export composition as The Foundry Nuke script
• Copy layer to clipboard as Nuke script
• Layer-based cache
• Full, half and quarter cache resolution
• Brush Layer
• Brush Sequence Layer
• Adjustment Layer
• Clipboard Layer
• Framebuffer Layer
• Layer blending modes
• Alpha channel source
• Depth channel
• Productivity tools including copy/paste frame, email frame/screen, replace with, open with, locate in explorer and more .
• Multi-core processor support
• Built-in HTTP server for remote collaboration
• 64-bit version
• Extensive command line support

url source:

The model 98% completed! Only left with wires and some screws to add detail :)
Will be doing a simple render of it once the model is done! Cheers!

Only left with some final parts to model in like wires and stuff. :)
It’d be interesting to animate it.

3 Good Friends

I had this idea in my mind about a month ago to get together a couple of my good friends and work on CG projects together where we are in total control of the whole process.

This urge became especially strong after I went to Gobelins, Paris and realise that there is a serious lack of creativity, adventure and boldness in the CG content created in Singapore.

Hoping to bring up this daring-arty-culture in Singapore………………..

Yong Yi, Zi Chao and I came together to form Channel Box.

The main objective of Channel Box is to experiment CG content creation wildly in search for style.

Through this process, not only do we have a channel to put our skills to practice and showcase, we can also learn to work together efficiently and brainstorm te wildest ideas.

Ideally, we will be able to create and recognise our own style and have all these creative input evolve to an identity!


A quick play of modelling and shaders :)


I did this wall-e fan art doodle on my way home a few days ago after the movie.
The animation was awesome! :D

Decided to scan and color it yesterday. Took me about 5 mins.

Top-right is the character design for Stong for Stong and Mong adventures :)
The hands are generally bigger than Mong and the silhouette is rounder on purpose.

for archival purposes, here’s the first ever sketch of stong and mong