Testing the rig. I’s quite challenging to tweak the cloth simulation, but I’ve to admit that it’sa lot of fun!

I’m currently doing up the facial controls for Digiron. He’s largely animatable already. I just want pump up the rig a little bit more before I begin animating him into the shots.

I’m eating the schedule a little, especially the animation time but I’ll be able to make it up. :D

Happy New Year once again!!

Production Schedule

Rigging and Rendering Test

I came up with a production schedule for Digiron project to pace myself.
Progress is great, texturing turned out better than I expected.

Unwrapping is much of a breeze with Maya 2009’s new unfolding.
No need for Roadkill.mel anymore as far as I observe.

So, I’m now in the rigging process for this character and I’m aiming for cloth simulation for him. We’ll see how it goes. Mr Chris and Mr Sridhar kindly helped me with some technical issues with nCloth. :) If not for them, I’d be searching high and low for the parameters to increase the simulation solving samples :P

Alright, I’ll try my best to stick to the schedule. Digiron’s animation test in the next posts! Keep checking back!

Thanks for reading :) Happy New Year! Happy 2009 to all and myself!

Experimenting tracking, lighting and compositing 3D elements with live footage.
My first attempt at feature tracking, so we might spot some sliding in this footage.
Promise to do something more interesting :)

Felt like doing some sketching in photoshop :)
I think it’s essential to practice values once in a while..
don’t really like the design of the bridge and the composition can be adjusted slightly.
But I’ll leave it as it is to not lose the touch and serve as a reminder for myself. :)

Completed the majority of the modelling revamp of Digiron this morning!
I’ll be working on the uwrapping and texturing and hopefully rigging tmr!

This afternoon, I worked on the style for Steampunk using Digiron as the subject.
The idea was to achieve the Street Fighter IV Game Trailer Style. It requires some maya fluids to make the mimic better! :D enjoy!

After such a long time, I’m finally completed with this project!
After this, I might take this car model on a HDRI or IBL or VFX or Animation ride!

3D model of Mini Cooper S 2007
Objective was to achieve beautiful dark studio lighting.
Focus is on Lighting and Rendering

Modelled with Max and Maya
Mental Ray Renderer
Composited in After Effects

Special thanks Mr Frety Jacques, pokoy and the rest from CGTalk and others who have help to give comments and critics!

Eyeka Creative Challenge Winner at Siggraph Asia 2008

At the Autodesk Booth in the Exhibition Halls of Siggraph Asia 2008, I saw our Eyeka Creative Challenge Winning Entry!
I thought I was dreaming or something! It was screen on the big screen at the Autodesk Booth together with other NYP SIDM produced films.
I feel glad that this clip produced by Yong Yi, Zi Chao and myself has some small achievements all around. Hope to have more coming in!

Managed to take a photograph of it! :D

Siggraph Asia 2008 | Singapore
10 – 13 December 2008

Hello everybody!

10 December
Pixar’s Renderman Course

I was at the first ever Siggraph Asia Conference last week!
The whole of the first day of the conference was spent at NUS Singapore for the Pixar Renderman Course!
Before the conference, there were only 25 seats to the Pixar’s Renderman Course which I was hoping to attend.
Made my way down early in the morning and managed to get the last couple of tickets to the Renderman Course by Prof Malcolm Kesson!
Marcus and I attended the course together and learnt valuable stuff! Lucky me!

The Renderman course covers the concept behind using Pixar’s Renderman, such as RIB files, RIB archives and the Renderman Shading Language [RSL].
We even had the fun of writing our own custom shader! I must say Pixar’s Renderman is really powerful, it has a huge library of procedural textures in SLIM.
And the best part, the SLIM parameters are all able to be brought into Maya to animate!
Understand that the current version of Renderman for Maya [RFM] still has some inadequacies, hence I’m waiting for the release of Renderman 2!

Pushed his proportions for him to be taller.
I’ll sketches of him for a while before I get into making the changes in 3D.
Meanwhile I’ll plan the boards for my final animation.

Maybe it’ll be short animations for the front and end of my demoreel. :)
We’ll see how it goes, everything is not set yet but I’ve rough ideas in my mind yet to be trashed out.