A paintover the viewport to quickly test the look I’m trying to achieve for the Demo Reel 2009 Opening.

Hello, hope you’ll like the video.

The objective of this project is to achieve a reasonable quality match move and also to achieve the same lighting as the original footage.

I know it’s not very creative to only do a cube.. I take this as a practice, anyway it’s still my initial attempts at matchmoving.

In my opinion, the compositing and lighting is 1000x better than the matchmoving! Hahaha! Can’t help it…

I’m quite happy with the result, minimal sliding which I can still improve actually…
Just wanted to move on to the lighting and compositing stage :P
The grain match adds a lot to the realism. Yay!
I’m happy with lighting and compositing too!

Another doodle.
I usually paint in black and white first to look out for tonal value. This time I used a different approach, I painted in colour.

Didn’t turn out extremely well but I’m quite happy with the result. :)


I’ve been working on Demo Reel 2009 to showcase my latest work.
The target for this reel is to have only the work which I feel is of professional quality. I don’t have too many works to showcase, so I’ll also be working on some shots in the meantime.

Fusion 2009 – NYP | SIDM | Graduation Show 2009
is around the corner! I’m still quite far from done in terms of compiling my work.
Animation clips have yet to be touched up and rendered nicely.

Hmm.. I’ll focus on a few projects and put them in the reel. In the meantime, here’s a teaser to the opening of my new Demo Reel!

Still working on the look but it’s going somewhere in this direction.

Hello everyone!

I had wanted to post this award presentation photograph some time ago.
From left, Zi Chao, Ronald, Yong Yi and most importantly the CEO of Eyeka, Alexandre Olmedo at the Prize Presentation of the Eyeka Creative Challenge.
Thanks Eyeka Asia! :D

This photo is courtesy of Eyeka.