Hi! :D

Here is a wireframe version of the 3D MINI Cooper S Lighting and Rendering Exercise I did earlier. By the way, there has been some queries on how to achieve the rendered wireframes on 3D models. If this information is of help to anybody, tt is actually done using the mental ray contour simple shader.

Hope you’ll like it :)

Hello =)

I have always wanted to take my 3D Mini Cooper S model for an animation ride.
The 3D model is done in Maya some time ago and I rigged it for animation for this exercise.

I have already created a still
using this set of HDRI and backplates I got from www.hdri-locations.com some time ago.

But a still image was not enough for me :P

I played around with the camera and backplates to give the illusion that it’s a real trucking/zooming/panning camera. I feel that some shaders can be improved but I am quite happy with the results. This is a very fun exercise for me. I hope this may inspire some out there who wants to do some photo real animation with their 3D vehicle models and I certainly hope you’ll like it ;D

It’s fully rendered and composited in High-Definition, so feel free to watch it at 720p resolution! :D