Hey, this is a digital painting practice done in 40 mins.
I’m thinking of doing some 3D speed modelling in about 30 mins to 60 mins too.
Not sure if that is feasible but I’ll give it a go soon!

Probably model a simple 3D cartoon character like.. Sonic 3D!
Hope you’ll like this painting!

Hey guys, I was informed of a good news few days ago!

My Demo Reel 2009 has been featured in the The Cinema, Oct ’09 at deviantART as an “Art Feature”.

Click here to view the featured article.

It’s been described as “A neat demo reel, a pleasure to see”
Thanks to the editors of deviantART!
This may not be a big achievement to some, but for me this is very encouraging! :D

Just in case you’ll like to watch the embedded version I uploaded to deviantART, here it is:


Here’s one of the winning entries for CGSociety’s Secret Agent Challenge by Ishan Shukla. This entry won the Video Individual Excellence Award. Congratulations, awesome work Ishan!

I find the art direction super cool and overall very impressive for an individual effort.
Will like to share it with you guys :)

Enjoy and cheers!