Designed this car during my free time :)
I don’t have the luxury of taking time to turn this design into a 3D model though :P

Hi all!

Had a guitar, sketch and chat session last night with Zi Chao! :D
I think it’s really cool to be exchanging pointers every now and then.
I learnt a lot in these sessions!

Here are some of the gestures from last night! :)

Hey all,

Channelbox has been recognised as one of the
Most Promising New Media Creative in Asia Pacific!

We did not come in first, but..
Ranked second and third are the following entries by us!
Ronald Fong, Lee Yong Yi, Tan Zi Chao (channelbox) – Impossible is Possible
Ronald Fong, Lee Yong Yi, Tan Zi Chao (channelbox) – Eyeka Creative Challenge

Here is the IAS Awards Channelbox Profile I designed for the upcoming Advertising Hall of Fame Awards event!


This is a really quick and rouch fan doodle of Iori Yagami.
He’s easily the coolest character ever in the King of Fighters!
Took a couple of hours for this piece.

Hope fans like it! :D

Hey all, this is an initial sketch of my new character, MINIFONG.
I did this sketch few months ago :)

Plans to make him 3D and do some wacky stuff but not sure how my schedule will be.
Thought it’ll be good to just post it to share my progress ;D