I went back to Nanyang Polytechnic a few weeks ago.

Visited my juniors who are currently preparing for their Fusion Graduation Show 2010. It’s really heartening to see them doing well.

I had the chance to watch a few of the Final Year Projects that they have produced and I was impressed by them. Overall, the renderings has significantly improved.

I will like to specially mention An Jun and Ling Yang‘s team because I personally feel that they have successfully created a short film that is slightly long in duration but entertaining throughout. The best part is that I was told they had proper planning so they managed to finish the production phase of the whole short film in 2 weeks!

See you guys at Fusion 2010 – X Factor Unearthed!

Screenshot from SIDM Course Booklet.

I was featured in the course booklet as part of Nanyang Polytechnic’s publications in 2009.
Click here to view course booklet.

I happen to come across the online version of it and so I thought I will share it with you guys :)

Cheers! =)

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