I’m going to take a break from animation and work on decorating the scene because I feel that my eyes have become too accustomed to this piece to spot any further mistakes. cheers!

Once again, please critic, feel free!

Note: The embed in this post is slightly different from all previous posts. Used Youtube’s iframe embed code (beta) to embed the video here. Please let me know if there are glitches! Thanks! :)

I have gotten a bunch of critics from my friends and I’m working on them now! Made quite a few significant changes and I’ve yet to smooth them out! Stay tuned~

Voice One: “You stole from my kin!”
Voice Two: “Who was fixin’ to betray us.”
Voice One: “You didn’t know that at the time!”
Voice Two: “So I borrowed it till I did know!”
Voice One: “That don’t make no sense!”

I’ve been having fun with this little animation during my free time.
The dialog, if I’m not wrong, is from the 11 Second Club January 2010 Competition.
Here’s the latest playblast. =)
I’m going to work on the facial animation soon and lip sync will come last.

Please critic, it really helps me improve! Thanks!