Sped up the screen recording process and hence a “Speed Painting”. It was not super speedy, I think I took a couple of hours on this piece. :)

Speed it up many times so that this video is short and concise!

Hope you enjoyed watching the painting process! Cheers!
Feel free to drop requests! I’ll try to paint them when I have the time!

The Wolverine Digital Painting

I’m a Wolverine fan! Hahaha!

I painted “The Wolverine” earlier this afternoon for about 2 hours. It was a fun exercise! Reference quite closely to one of the official images but added more cools in the shadows. I also screen recorded the process of painting and sped it up! The video is currently uploading to YouTube.

I’ll update this space when it’s up! Cheers!

Doing some expressions sheets to help me understand the range of motion of the face. Actually, I can still explore more. Perhaps in the next update!


Rendering the accessories to decide on the colour. I’ve yet to look into the surface properties of the materials.

Perhaps in the next video, I’ll move on to some expression sheets!

And we’re on our way! I’ve made close ups of the accessories and clothes he’ll be wearing just so it’s fixed so that the 3D modelling process will have less to deal with.

I’m pretty satisfied with the forms for now, but the rendering of the designs are not indicative of what materials are used. I should do some annotation and paint some textures in at the time.

Hope you’ll enjoy this entire series and let me know what you think! =))

If you’ve missed Part 1, here it is:


Sudden inspiration for a character design :)
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