Here’s the break down of the lighting, rendering and compositing of The Incredible Hulk. I’d love to show the breakdown for the skin shading but it will take too long to edit and present those passes in such a video. But in any case, for those who are interested, here’s the Advanced SSS technique I used:

The Incredible Hulk by Ronald Fong

The Incredible Hulk by Ronald Fong

The digital set was created by me really quickly, I think it was only a couple of hours. The bulk of the time was spent on the character! Although it isn’t evident from this short video, the shading process of Hulk’s skin took the longest time and the most tweaking.

The 3D model of Hulk is generously provided by Ashwin Ramamurthy, a lead modeler at Lucasfilm. I did this exercise as part of my lighting course at NTU Art, Design & Media conducted by Xavier Bernasconi. He is a CG Supervisor at ILM and he’s amazing. He explains CG lights and shaders extremely clearly and systematically. Big thanks to him!

Feel free to drop me an email or leave a comment if you’ve any questions! Cheers!


Great advice for story/animation ideas

“It’s one thing to communicate an idea, it’s another thing to have an idea worth communicating.” – David Colman

Came across some great advice for story/animation ideas by David Colman


Thor 2: The Dark World
This took me a little longer than usual, about 4 hours in total. The portrait movie poster was used as referenced but I had changed the angle of the face and arm so as to fit in the landscape 16:9 ratio better.

As a result, I was forced to apply principles of lighting and understanding of some sort. It was a great learning experience overall despite the painting being heavily referenced.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this painting demo!
I’ll do more of such videos but not sure what to paint next… Let me know! :)


Hey guys! National Day is just tomorrow!

Thought I’d just do a little quick painting for Singapore!
Happy National Day Singapore!

It’s been 48 years! Almost half a century… almoooooossstt there!
I wish for fellow animators in Singapore to produce more great designs, new ideas and awesome animation! Keep going! :)

He’s kind of dull because I don’t have a back story for this dude. He’s probably a mostly “in his own world” type of guy who does stuff that don’t fit in well with his environment.

Thought I’d give him a pet buddy who’s actually embarrassed by his friend.

Tried drawing a relaxed pose but scrapped the earlier sketch! Hahaha! Took this leaning forward pose to color just to get a feel what he’d look like when posed.

Drawing him a buddy in the next update!

D.A.F Series 001