some spaceship thumbnail designs!

Spaceship Thumbnails

Introducing new characters to Stong & Mong!

Here are some initial stages of the designs. It’s a work in progress! ;)

Zong Bot Designs

Zong Bot Painting

Character design of a satisfied troll! :D

Troll Smiley Face

MeatBrain Productions Logo Design Thumbnails
MeatBrain is our production team for our animated short film You Ci Ke (有刺客)

Meatbrain Logo Design

Tank Concept Design

Tank Concept Design Progress Stills

Flexi-Tank Concept Design WIP

Optimus Prime Digital Painting

Optimus Prime WIP

Hey everybody! I’ve done a digital painting of Optimus Prime from Transformers: Age of Extinction. Hope you like it! :D

Speed painting video here:

Digital painting tutorial here:

Optimus Progress Stills

Desert Spaceship Desert Spaceship - Progress Stills

Hey guys,

Here is some visual development work on our upcoming shortfilm.
It’s our final year project and we have a production blog for our film at

hope you enjoy these visuals! =)

You Ci Ke - Visual Development of Plants

You Ci Ke - Visual Development of Urn

You Ci Ke - Visual Development of Lantern