is a marketplace for digital art resources (video tutorials, brushes, 3D models, textures, and others). I think it looks really promising because it not only allows users to browse and buy digital assets they need, you can also sell digital art resources you’ve created by setting up a store. Sounds like a nice platform for sellers and buyers to me.

It’s currently in its beta stage and due to launch in a few months.

I just signed up and have gotten my $5 in early access credit. You can get it too before Cubebrush launches!
Here’s my referrel link if any friends out there want to sign up to and at the same time help me get some referral credits! Hehe :D

I’ve had to pleasure to dine with distinguished individuals who have helped, over the years, to nurture leaders through research and to provide broad education in diverse disciplines.

Prof Lui Pao Chuen (seated far right) left the deepest impression on me although we only briefly exchanged. Despite his wealth of knowledge and experience, he took time to acknowledge the ideas I was sharing and to give his encouragement. A strong reminder for myself to listen to and value the voice of the younger generation. Respect. :)

Convocation Dinner 2015

Portrait Speedpaint Ronald Fong Portrait Speedpaint Ronald Fong

Yay! I’ve graduated with First Class Honours. The convocation ceremony was held on 1 August and I’m glad to have received feedback that my valedictorian speach resonated with graduates. I spoke about our lament of having to explain to other professionals what we do as creatives, and how we should see that in the positive light because we are, afterall, problem solvers.  It’s a warm feeling to have voiced out, on behalf of the graduates, how we feel collectively.

All the best to the graduating cohort of 2015. It’s a small industry and we’ll be seeing each other very soon!

Ronald Fong NTU Convocation 2015 Valedictorian


My wonderful parents :)Ronald Fong Parents