Here’s a quick MEL script to select all polygonal meshes in your Maya scene.
This can come in handy when preparing render layers. Cheers!

//Select all polygonal objects in the scene
$allMeshObjs = `ls -typ mesh`;
select $allMeshObjs;

A wrap deformer test on a terribly crude cloth simulation. The results look pretty decent for such a crude simulation. This concept when applied on a real animated project can possibly save a ton of computational time.

Another great advantage is that it overcomes the problem of simulation a clothing with thickness which tend to penetrate itself and gets pretty difficult to tweak. In this solution, the 0 thickness geometry drives a geometry with considerable thickness but because it was simulated at 0 thickness, it omits the problem of self-colliding geometry walls.

It’s difficult to explain in words, but perhaps some of you will get what I mean.

Futuristic Handguns Ronald Fong

Designed some futuristic handguns and a grenade. The look is pretty generic, but it was fun to practise nonetheless.