This was couple of months ago at Reelak X Cartoons Underground film screening at ZhongShan Park where You Ci Ke was screened. Took the opportunity to showcase my humble watercolor paintings and Ivory collected a piece that I was painting on the spot! Happy to see people enjoying the paintings :D

Thanks for the support Ivory! Notify him when I make it big he says. Haha!

Ivory Taylor and Ronald Fong Watercolor Reelak Ronald Fong Watercolor Reelak Documentation Ronald Fong Watercolor Reelak


ADM graduation film 有刺客 “You Ci Ke” by Ronald Fong, Han Qingping, Candice Lee and Xiangting Su has been selected for the New York Animation Nights Festival. We learned of this great news from our project supervisor Prof Hannes Rall. To make things even more awesome, Prof Hannes latest film “All the World’s a Stage” (2016) has also been selected for the festival.

More information on the selection here:

Animation Nights New York ANNY 2016