Received a mystery package from Japan today! It’s news today that You Ci Ke has won Division II : Excellent Works at AsiaGraph 2016! Check out the other winning entries here! It’s pleasure to be part of all the amazing entries. It’s been more than a year since the completion of You Ci Ke (有刺客), and I’m excited that it’s due for release on 16 April 2017!

Ronald Fong You Ci Ke AsiaGraph

Thanks to the support of *SCAPE, I’ve had the pleasure recently to share about the writing process of our award-winning animated short film You Ci Ke (有刺客). It was at the All-In! Young Writers Festival 2017! With us (Qingping and me), we had Annalee Lee Miao Wen Joann Nicolette Wong on the disussion panel and our insightful moderator Juan Foo.

Ronald Fong Juan Foo Han Qing Ping All-In Young Writers

It was such an humbling and enriching experience for me to learn the writing process of other independant film-makers. It’s a reassuring reminder to know and acknowledge that the writing process is meant to (and forever will) be a struggle.

Of course, we’ve covered the differences in approach between screenwriting for an animated film vs live action film, namely the animation writing process can and should be done both in words and drawings – writing and storyboarding. We’ve also identified that they are fundamentally very similar in terms of having to be constantly aware of the character’s motivations, dramatic arc, introducing twists etc. and more importantly the reason why we even want the tell the story.

I hope the young writers were as inspired as I was when I listened to the stories shared by others and go on to create their very own films!

I’ve been busy working with Nicholas Chia  to put together a high-end 3D animation studio in Singapore! I’m personally super keen to help out Singaporean artists and other businesses, be it other studios or creative/ad agencies! It’s been a super fun journey so far and our friends in the industry has been really kind to help us along. Below is a little sneak peak to Masonry Studios, our humble space with unassuming but really powerful machines. If you’re interested to check out our studio work, visit Masonry Studio’s website

Ronald Fong - Masonry Studios Interior

A few of us animators visited a VR Arcade (the first in Singapore) at Marina Square last month through Eugene’s recommended. We were there to try out the VR technology with Google Tilt Brush to see how we can implement that into the process of our animation work and to provide some feedback. Roy and Moo showed us some great hospitility!

Painted this music-reactive-eyebrowed-rooster while I was there, and played some VR games toward the end of the video. I see the potential in this technology and I’ll definitely push some RND of this technology at my studio (I started a 3D production studio recently, but I’ve been too busy to blog about it; so more on that next time)

Rooster VR Painting - Google Tilt Brush - Ronald Fong (1) Rooster VR Painting - Google Tilt Brush - Ronald Fong (2) Rooster VR Painting - Google Tilt Brush - Ronald Fong (3)