Grace Toh, Benjamin Ang and Ronald Fong at IDM Day 2017

Had a fun sharing session today! Thanks to Grace for the opportunity and Adrian for being such a great host! It was my pleasure to share how NYP SIDM has primed me for the industry, my decisions to further study and how it was like being an animation freelancer.

Although I figured that not all secondary school kids were interested, but nonetheless, I shared my views about entrepreneurship, the animation business in general. And I showed some really embarrasing early work. Hopefully this inspires the kids and the information helps them to optimise their study/career path in the creative field.

Also, had reat chit-chat over lunch! learned a lot from you guys! oh NYP… south canteen… a trip down memory lane… I must say LTM-1 is really awesome!

It’s my first time at STGCC and I must say it’s quite a fun day out. Looks of cool toys and illustrations and bumped into many old friends.. from Lucasfilm, Gary, Faisal, Yishan. And it’s supercool to see MightyJaxx’s big booth! Had a quick chat with Jackson and hopefully we can work together on something cool some time into the near future. It’ll be really fun to work together with such a badass toy company. Looking forward!

MightyJaxx STGCC Ronald Fong