The color node’s ‘Use Velocity’ is useful to create interesting effects. It works just fine with all other nodes with the MASH system, with the except the new Maya 2018’s MASH Dynamics node.

Solution (Part I):
The nice guy at Mainframe (North) explained that this was likely due to Dynamics ‘taking over’ the position data. The solver comes after the Waiter in the Node Editor so points are no longer where MASH thinks they are. Usually we can use the Node Editor to replug nodes between the Solver and the Repro/Instancer, but somehow the velocity information doesn’t flow through the network, and the development team is looking into it.

The Node graph at this point should then look like this:

For the full discussion, please find it in the comments section of this vimeo link

Solution (Part II):
Through some experimentation, I managed to find a workable solution. This is to replug the nodes as advised in Part I, and include an additional Signal Node before the Color Node. Somehow, this forces the velocity information to flow through to the Repromesh. So at the end of it, the Node graph should look something like this:

MASH Color Node Use Velocity Dynamics

And viola! It all works with these Fallen Candies!