V-Ray Limitations

At this time of writing, V-Ray GPU doesn’t render the Pref pass out using known techniques. So meanwhile, you’d have to use V-Ray CPU instead. Good thing, Pworld renders perfectly fine in V-Ray GPU.

Nuke Crashes When Using Pref Information

In Nuke, we can use the World Position Texture Projection node to project a texture onto a geometry using the Pref information.

The usage is simple:

  1. Feed in the Pref information into the “point position” handle and the desired texture in to the “src” handle
  2. Color pink the image to sample the vector information
  3. Click on “Bake Position” to store the information in to the node
  4. Viola! (hopefully)
  5. In my experience, Nuke crashes when I try to view the output. There’s no way around this unless we apply this following fix. In my case, V-Ray generated a value too large for Nuke to handle. The solution?
  6. Use a Clamp node to get rid of values you won’t use anyway, and you should be able to use this node with no problems.

Cheers! Happy comp-ing!

The World Position Toolkit I’m referring to is available at this link: http://www.nukepedia.com/toolsets/3d/wptk