Recently, I received a question from a follower on Instagram on how we typically price our projects. After understanding our general pricing approach on creative services, he asked,

“How do you say a price like that without the scaring the client? lol”

I thought, “This must be what many creatives wonder and struggle with pricing their creative services. This shall be a blog post!”.

So here we are.

Who’s scaring who?

Interesting choice of words – “without the scaring the client”. What makes you think the figure will scare the client? Is it because it truly is too high a number? Or are you lacking the confidence about the value you’re going to provide? For instance, at Masonry Studios, we know it’s a fair value exchange. Our prices minimally covers our operation costs and provide a healthy profit to support our team’s continuous growth. Therefore, allowing us to better serve them in the future.

When it comes to Value-based Pricing creative services, nobody does it better than Chris Do.

Sales done wrong.

We’ve established that it’s a fair value exchange. If you still manage to scare the client with the way you price your creative services, it’s likely one of two things:

  1. This is not the client for you; they might not be the right fit for your services at the moment, as they may not fully recognize the value.
  2. Kinda related to the point above, you have not done enough to help them see that they may (or may not need) something like this.

Generally speaking, if clients aren’t able to articulate clearly why they need a CGI video like this, it’s probably because they don’t actually need it. And we’d have done them a favour and it’s a testament to your integrity that you’re not pushing unnecessary expenses. Plus, we won’t feel good that’s when it gets all “sales-y”.

Or the up side, they’d remind you, and more importantly, remind themselves why they’d need a video like this and they’d be happy to pay the figure you need to do the job right.

Conclusion on Pricing Creative Services

Pricing discussions can indeed be tricky, and the choice of words like “scaring the client” reflects a common concern in the creative industry. However, it’s crucial to approach pricing with confidence, and have a clear understanding of the value you provide.

Let’s learn from each other and make this creative services pricing journey a bit less mysterious. See you in the comments, or on IG @ronald_fong where I’m the most active!