3D Basic Bird in Maya

This is a long outdated video which I prepared almost 2 years ago.
It’s not fully meant to be a tutorial hence the fast foward, but it’ll be great if anyone finds this useful :P

I was modelling a basic 3D bird in Maya for a short film production I did in school called Gan Cheong Kin (GCK) Season 3.

It’s kept really basic because of the style of the film, but it can be brought futher for zbrushing or mudboxing. The model is available from the free downloads section

Have fun!

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  1. Minifong
    Minifong says:

    hello Isaac =)

    Oh dear.. This is really super duper old work and so I’ve recently dumped the original screen capture video. If not, I can post it online..

    Maybe you want to clarify some things here or through email?


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