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Animation Diploma vs. Degree

“Do I really need a degree?” This question often arises for Singaporean young creatives nearing graduation from polytechnics, LASALLE, or NAFA. Having experienced both diploma and degree programs, my perspective may be helpful to some, maybe you? This blog post won’t compare the nature of Poly vs Uni education per se. Rather, I’ll focus on […]


The Poly vs. Uni Debate

In Singapore’s CGI scene, the debate between polytechnic and university education is a hot topic. But, instead of a full-on “Diploma vs Degree” conversation, I’ll focus on the merits of poly vs uni education. And how much it affects employability in the private sector. Firstly, how did this topic come about? Recently, the Masonry Studios […]

How to use PBR Materials

If you’re new to 3D graphics or looking to level up your skills, you’ve come to the right place. PBR materials allow you to create realistic surfaces in your 3D scenes. In this guide, I’ll walk you through the basics, but first, What are PBR Materials? PBR stands for Physically Based Rendering. Unlike traditional rendering […]

Pricing Creative Services

Recently, I received a question from a follower on Instagram on how we typically price our projects. After understanding our general pricing approach on creative services, he asked, “How do you say a price like that without the scaring the client? lol” I thought, “This must be what many creatives wonder and struggle with pricing […]

The Art Director’s Role in a CGI Creative Studio

Bridging the Gap between Vision and Execution In the rapidly evolving landscape of digital art and design, CGI (Computer-Generated Imagery) art direction has emerged as a prominent and transformative discipline. With its unique characteristics and capabilities, CGI art direction sets itself apart from traditional film art direction and creative agency’s art direction. In this blog […]

Stable Diffusion in Houdini

MLOPs – Machine Learning Operators Some wonder(ful) humans developed this Houdini plugin that allows us to use Stable Diffusion directly in Houdini! Made some renders from the generated point cloud! MLOPs makes the whole process so convenient and opens up so much possibilities! I just want to share that I did run into VRAM issues […]