Cartoons Underground Radio Interview with Lush 99.5 FM

Lush99.5FM Radio Interview Animation Director Ronald Fong

Lush99.5FM Radio Interview Animation Director Nicholas Chia Vicky Chen Ronald Fong

Yay, I got involved in a radio interview today with MediaCorp Radio at Lush 99.5 FM. Hahaha! It was a fun and casual sharing session together with Nicholas Chia, director of Coldsteam, and Vicky Chen from Cartoons Underground. I’m really thankful for an opportunity to share more about the animated film I directed You Ci Ke (有刺客), and to shoutout to my art director, Han Qingping.

Big thanks to Vicky! She’s super dedicated to promoting independant animated films in Singapore. It means a lot to us animators. Not forgetting Louis from Lush 99.5 FM who guided us along as we recorded our soundbite. He also kindly helped us to take a group photo! #ilistentolush

Cartoons-Underground interview with Lush 99.5! Catch us on Lush 1.30pm to 2pm this Saturday and next Wednesday!


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