It’s my first time at STGCC and I must say it’s quite a fun day out. Looks of cool toys and illustrations and bumped into many old friends.. from Lucasfilm, Gary, Faisal, Yishan. And it’s supercool to see MightyJaxx’s big booth! Had a quick chat with Jackson and hopefully we can work together on something cool some time into the near future. It’ll be really fun to work together with such a badass toy company. Looking forward!

MightyJaxx STGCC Ronald Fong

This was couple of months ago at Reelak X Cartoons Underground film screening at ZhongShan Park where You Ci Ke was screened. Took the opportunity to showcase my humble watercolor paintings and Ivory collected a piece that I was painting on the spot! Happy to see people enjoying the paintings :D

Thanks for the support Ivory! Notify him when I make it big he says. Haha!

Ivory Taylor and Ronald Fong Watercolor Reelak Ronald Fong Watercolor Reelak Documentation Ronald Fong Watercolor Reelak

Cartoons Underground Banner Crop


Cartoons Underground 2015 is the fourth instalment for Singapore’s first and largest animation festival. It’s co-founded by Vicky Chen whom I found to be extremely dedicated to promoting the local animation scene. You Ci Ke 有刺客 is part of the official selection curated by Tan Wei Keong. Thanks Wei Keong!

I was there on Saturday evening to share about the creation of You Ci Ke 有刺客 at the director’s Q&A session after the screening. More importantly, I was there to learn. It’s really a joy to watch people entertained by the work we do and to have put a smile on their faces. It was so heartwarming and encouraging to people coming up to us to tell us what they liked about our films and everybody had so many ideas on how there can be a collaboration, on how to take things further. It was a great evening.


By pure chance, I bumped into Enrique and Richard, the CG Supervisor and Creative Director of One Animation, and I was very encouraged to hear that my insistence and desire to work in the entertainment side of the industry is acknowledged. I am super thankful for Professor Hannes to drop by to give his support and also for his insightful advice that creative work and commercial doesn’t have to be mutually exclusive. I very much agree and the tricky part is finding the balance and I think I’m getting closer.

There were some seriously engaging and entertaining films screened at this festival and I’m super happy for our films (Coldsteam directed by Nicholas Chia and The Octopus Lady by Amanda Wang)  to be amongst them. I wished You Ci Ke‘s Art Director, Han Qingping was there to share her insights too. She’s so good at what she does.

I think most films are still making theirs rounds of festivals so they won’t be available online but here’s the programme list on Cartoon Underground’s website in case you’ve missed the festival and/or wish to follow up on their work when it’s released. I loved all of Bendito Machine V by Jossie Malis the tension in April 21 by Jessica Poon and of course the pig-bat creature in Need a Hand?! by Kong Yee Rou.

I was never informed but was just told there we were featured on Culturepush! Thanks Culturepush!

So here’s a dark and blurry photograph of us at the event!

Cartoons Underground 2015 Singapore Animation Festival Ronald Fong Animation

From left to right: Vicky Chen, Amanda Wang, Ronald Fong, Nicholas Chia and Rachel Kong

Yay! I’ve graduated with First Class Honours. The convocation ceremony was held on 1 August and I’m glad to have received feedback that my valedictorian speach resonated with graduates. I spoke about our lament of having to explain to other professionals what we do as creatives, and how we should see that in the positive light because we are, afterall, problem solvers.  It’s a warm feeling to have voiced out, on behalf of the graduates, how we feel collectively.

All the best to the graduating cohort of 2015. It’s a small industry and we’ll be seeing each other very soon!

Ronald Fong NTU Convocation 2015 Valedictorian


My wonderful parents :)Ronald Fong Parents

The annual NTU ADM Graduation Show is open from 8 – 17 May 2015, 10am to 8pm daily.
Head down to NTU ADM to check out the fantastic works by the graduation class of 2015. There is visual communication design, product design, interactive media design, photography, digital film-making and digital animation works on display. On top of that, as part of ADM’s 10 year anniversary, there is also an alumni show this year!

If you happen to be interested in animation and drop by the animation gallery, please let me know an I can show you around. =)

You Ci Ke Publicity Materials by Ronald Fong and Han Qingping

Designed and pre-visualised the exhibition booth for our graduation animation for the ADM Show 2015. Looking forward to make this happen! =)

Ronald Fong ADM Graduation Show 2015 Booth Design and Visualisation Ronald Fong ADM Graduation Show 2015 Booth Design and Visualisation Ronald Fong ADM Graduation Show 2015 Booth Design and Visualisation

I’ve got a humble contribution to the on-going exhibition at Latent Spaces: Haw Par Villa from 20 September to 19 October 2014.
It’s a print of a watercolor I did on plein air. Check out other cool art there too! I mean, Haw Par Villa is definitely worth a visit if you haven’t been there in a while. It’s free entry now!


Haw Par Villa Process by Ronald Fong

Ng Woon Lam and Ronald Fong

Perception and Delusion 笔飞错舞
A collaborative exhibition by
Ng Woon Lam and Don Low Chee Mun

Really captivating paintings by both great artists. There’s still a week before the exhibition ends. Check it out!
More event details here:


In my opinion
Good location: Located very near Dhoby Ghaut MRT. Spacious.
Most Impressive Major: Visual Communication because of the high-level quality of work
Most Impressive Short Film: Project Marionette
Looking forward to the next show.

Please support NTU | ADM GRAD SHOW 2011 | 13-23 May | OLD SCHOOL

The Nanyang Technological University (NTU), School of Art, Design and Media (ADM) presents
143 emerging creatives from six distinct majors: Digital Animation, Digital Filmmaking, Photography and Digital Imaging, Interactive Media, Product Design and Visual Communication. Revel in the diversity of the visual arts and join the Class of 2011 as they celebrate the conclusion of a four-year honours programme.

NYP SIDM Fusion X 2010!

I visited the annual NYP SIDM Graduation Show, Fusion, a few weeks ago.
And I loved the atmosphere!

Fusion, to me, is a celebration and recognition for all the hard work students have put in through their course of study.
I’m glad that the graduates are proud and happy to be showing their work! :)

I saw some works with super potential in visual effects, character animation and not forgetting motion graphics. Mandl and Rifyal has good character animation to showcase, as well as Nigel and Marcus Lee in terms of concept art and illustrations.
It’s the first batch of graduates for the Motion Graphics and Broadcast Design (MGBD) and I was looking forward to see their works.

It was great training to have industrial projects as their assignments for the MGBD graduates.
I had the opportunity to have a chat with some of the MGBD graduates, in particular, the Anomalyst – Jed, Chad, Mus and Ben.

They have a strong portfolio of industrial standard.
I really like their drive and motivation towards their creations and reaching out to clients with their works.
There is a lot of potential in this 4-man collaboration and I believe they will go far as they continue to stick to their goals.

The Anomalyst and I

Fusion X 2010 Collectables