My namecard design hasn’t changed since 2011. That’s 5 years ago! I was testing a new camera phone with these couple of shots. Clearly, I didn’t realise they were out of focus.

Ronald Fong Namecard Design 2016 (2) Ronald Fong Namecard Design 2016 (1)

Ronald Fong Singapore Animation Ronald Fong Singapore Ronald Fong Singapore 3D Animation

Some photographs taken by my buddy Jian Hong! :D Yay, I don’t have to use pixelated or low-resolution profile photographs anymore! Thanks Jian Hong!

Took a photograph of Singapore’s nightscape from the roof terrace of Esplanade. Hope you like it! :)

Singapore Nightscape from Esplanade Ronald Fong

Raining all Night
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It was a rainy night.. I was on my way home..
This photograph is inspired by Jay Chou’s song – 雨下一整晚 ( Raining all night)

BMW Z8 | BMW World Singapore
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Years ago, BMW Z8 was the first BMW which I set out to model in 3D Studio Max.
Never completed the 3D model but learnt much from the project!
I was only equipt with reference from the internet. It was great to see the Z8 live at BMW World Singapore 2010! ;)
Can’t wait for the next BMW World!

BMW Gina | BMW World Singapore
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BMW Gina Light Visionary

Water Gates at Sungei Buloh

I was on a bridge.
That restricted me..
If only I could go lower.. :)

Spider-Man Sketch | Pen, Copic, Photoshop, 1 hour

Can you spot it? :)

It seemed very calm and confident of his camouflage.
Photographed along the way to Sungei Buloh.
Had to creep close to enough to get a decent shot, yet afraid of frightening it.

The studio is coming together, check it out! :D

Note: “Studio Shot” added to portfolio.