3 Good Friends

I had this idea in my mind about a month ago to get together a couple of my good friends and work on CG projects together where we are in total control of the whole process.

This urge became especially strong after I went to Gobelins, Paris and realise that there is a serious lack of creativity, adventure and boldness in the CG content created in Singapore.

Hoping to bring up this daring-arty-culture in Singapore………………..

Yong Yi, Zi Chao and I came together to form Channel Box.

The main objective of Channel Box is to experiment CG content creation wildly in search for style.

Through this process, not only do we have a channel to put our skills to practice and showcase, we can also learn to work together efficiently and brainstorm te wildest ideas.

Ideally, we will be able to create and recognise our own style and have all these creative input evolve to an identity!


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