Coca-Cola "Energizing Refreshment" – Energize Yourself.

Energize Yourself.
Coca-Cola “Energizing Refreshment”
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Coca-Cola "Energizing Refreshment" - Energize Yourself.
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Brief Objective
To show that Coca-Cola is an
as an ENERGIZING refreshment in your own style!
Express the essences of FORWARD MOMENTUM + POSITIVE!

Energize yourself.

Design Description
Forward running man emerging from bursting Coca-Cola refreshment.

Coca-Cola is the perfect source of refreshing energy. In this case, for the runner who portrays the forward and positive momentum. The runner’s explosive emergence from the Coca-Cola liquid to reiterate the power of this energizing refreshment. This instant, captured at millionth of a second, is exactly how Coca-Cola will re-energize you!

Visual Execution
Enhanced believability comes with the realistic red-brown Coca-Cola liquid.
Clean and glossy visual treatments and lighting to ensure refreshing look.

“I’m beat… I need to refresh myself…” *Sees poster*
“Wow! I’m going to grab a bottle of Coca-Cola because it’s so going to energize me!”

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