Coke Zero – Impossible is Possible

In order to convey the message of “Impossible is Possible” in line with the new Coke Zero Campaign to reach out to youths, our concept revolves around this mighty Coke Zero can which is able to survive all forms of disasters, just as how we youths will be able to overcome the seemingly impossible adversities we face in life! Impossible is possible, just as how it is possible to have real Coke taste and Zero Sugar!

Hello everyone! :D

This animation is created by my buddies and I (Ronald Fong, Lee Yong Yi and Tan Zi Chao) of Channelbox for the Eyeka Asia Coke Zero Video or Animation Competition.

In this production, I worked on mainly on the compositing and editing, look development, developing the ink stroke and fluid visual effects, the cars and buildings modelling and animation and the coke can rig.

I’m glad that Channelbox has matured a lot through this production, in terms of communication, coordination, quality and the possibility of effective online meetings. We are a team!

You may view our work in progress thread here
You may view our Eyeka Asia Coke Zero submission here.

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