Die-log Short Animation – Voice Your Die-log


The objective of this short animation is to encourage viewers to voice out their fears and thoughts about death.
The concept is to show that the more we fear death and refuse to break the silence of death, the more we will live our lives in vain!!
That is what exactly happened to Mr. Blue Ball! So let’s share our fears and break the silence on death today!

It’s for an Eyeka Asia Competition.
Spent a total of about 15 hours for this from scratch.
I learnt a lot from creating this piece of animation in such a super short time. It’s a lot of fun trying to make creative decisions as quick as possible
Not forgetting the need to fight away the temptation to fix all the relatively minor artifects.

There wasn’t any time at all for refinement so please forgive the final gather artifects in some areas. oh, and the primitive modelling..
Some of the shots should be held longer because the text cannot be registered by the audience.

Despite the super tight schedule, I understood the importance of a timing reel and hence created a super quick timing reel before I went into the production phase. Shall upload that soon too!

In conclusion, it’s an rewarding excercise working on this short animation. Hope you enjoy it!


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