Digiron Work In Progress 4

Production Schedule

Rigging and Rendering Test

I came up with a production schedule for Digiron project to pace myself.
Progress is great, texturing turned out better than I expected.

Unwrapping is much of a breeze with Maya 2009’s new unfolding.
No need for Roadkill.mel anymore as far as I observe.

So, I’m now in the rigging process for this character and I’m aiming for cloth simulation for him. We’ll see how it goes. Mr Chris and Mr Sridhar kindly helped me with some technical issues with nCloth. :) If not for them, I’d be searching high and low for the parameters to increase the simulation solving samples :P

Alright, I’ll try my best to stick to the schedule. Digiron’s animation test in the next posts! Keep checking back!

Thanks for reading :) Happy New Year! Happy 2009 to all and myself!

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