Excel in Customer Service

I attended a course about customer service excellence recently. This is not exactly a CG related article but I thought it might be useful to some. =) So, I’m here to share…

When dealing with challenging customers, first, Deal with your feelings.
We need to understand that we cannot control others’ behaviour but we can always control ours. It’s very common that we can get very irritated by our customers however we must not show it because it won’t help the situation.

Listen to what they have to say, our customers want to be heard. Allow them to relay their concerns thoroughly without interruption and maintain eye contact through the process.

Empathise with your customer. We do not necessarily have to agree with their claims but we have to accept it and help them from there.

Clarify what problems the customer has faced and what they want eventually. Ask appropriate questions to get more information in order to help them.

It’s time to Take action and before that, you have to be sure of policies and limitations of what solutions you (in your position) can offer. If it’s beyond you, suggest alternatives or refer the customer to the proper authority, or else, try to agree on a solution and work on it.

If it’s required that you Refer them to the proper authority, maintain the responsibility for solving the problem. Follow up with customers until their problem is solved.


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