FZD School Of Design Graduation Show

FZD School of Design
Open House and Graduation Show
8 June 2012 . 83 Amoy Street

I think it was a organized and cozy facility along Amoy Street.
The graduation show was well-presented exhibition.
I’ve visited their previous facility before and I noticed there’s a move from a classroom-like to a more studio-like environment.

Congratulations to all graduates from the show. I personally like works from Ma Qi Yin, Liang Chen and Andrea Susini.
I think the three of them demonstrated more-or-less equal high-level abilities in terms of technical execution of their designs.
However, of them all, I think Ma Qi Yin is the one who best demonstrates his ability to create different a variety of different genres and visual styles.
I guess this makes him a more versatile concept designer.
And I really like the character designs from Cheryl Ong Liwen.

My friends working really hard at FZD now, Yong Yi, Hong Yi, Kian Beng, Rui Ong, keep going!
Can’t wait to see your works at your graduation show!

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