Got Something – 11 Second Club August 2009

Latest Update (6 September 2009): Ronald Fong’s 11 Second Club August Entry Finished 60 of 188 entries! That’s about top 32% and I’m happy about that! I will strive to bring this percentage down in my next entries. :D

Here is my entry for the 11 Second Club August 2009 Competition! :D

I had some difficulty uploading my clip to the competition earlier, hope it gets through! This is my first submitted entry to the 11 Second Club!

I learnt from this exercise that I have to keep my poses simple and “stupid”. I had some poses which were much more difficult to read that what I have now, but I discarded them after generous critiques from my friends. If I find time, I’ll pose a compilation of my work in progress before I arrived at this final. I am aware these poses can be greatly improved and I have some unusual acting choices here, but nevertheless and most importantly, I can feel that I’m improving!

Critiques and comments are most welcomed!

Title: Spooky Spooky


2 buddies landed themselves in a spooky environment.

One of them, Charlie, gets duped into scouting the eerie passage! ><

Time Taken: Approximately 35 hours


“I’m not sure what we’ve got here Charlie… but if we’ve got what I think we’ve got, we’ve got something! There’s one way to find out…”

Software: Maya, After Effects

Skills showcased: Character Animation, Compositing, Lighting and Rendering

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