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Lucasfilm Animation Singapore Jedi Academy Summer Internship

Hello! :D

As part of receiving the Lucasfilm Animation Singapore Outstanding Project Work Award [Animation], I had a 3-month internship opportunity to be part of the Lucasfilm family for Summer 2009. I was so excited to be part of one of Singapore’s largest animation production studios!!

This internship program, known as Jedi Academy Singapore, has just ended last week. During my stay at Lucasfilm Animation Singapore, I have made many fantastic new friends and learned a lot of new things.

As an animation trainee, I discovered a whole new perspective towards character animation and I feel that my character animation skill has improved a great deal.
I hope to be able to put these newly acquired skills to good use in my personal projects and future animation work.

Once again, thank you Lucasfilm Animation Singapore! It has been an awesome summer!
I’m off to catch the all-important National Day Rally 2009 Live on television! :D

“Much to learn, I have!”

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