Maya vs Houdini. Blender vs C4D. Which is the best 3D software?

Ronald Fong - Houdini vs Maya

DCC Wars

Here are some statements I hear all too often:

“Maya is the best 3D package. You cannot find any other 3D package that can do the broad spectrum of CGI work it can do for its price point”

“Cinema4D is so much easier to pick up than all the other softwares. Everybody should be using C4D”

“Houdini is the end game 3D software, don’t bother with anything else”

– passionate 3D people

Yes, I’m sure the software you use is the best 3D software…

for you! It could very well be the worst software for others!

We chose it because it fits our production/creative objectives. We then need to acknowledge that not all 3D production artists/companies do the same type of work. Some companies work on hyper realistic creatures, others work with 3D typography and simple geometric forms, while others specialize in heavy destruction VFX work.

So the question isn’t so much about which is the absolute best 3D software, but what are your 3D production/creative needs? That determines which DCC you pick!

I’ll write about my personal experience using these various softwares, and update this space!

Good luck and happy creating!

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