Mini Cooper S HDRI Lighting Work in Progress 5

Hello! :D

Took my MINI out for a HDRI ride! ;)
It’s interesting to do HDRI lighting especially when provided with high quality backplates. It will be interesting to have some animation rendered. But for now, hope you’ll like it.

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  1. Minifong
    Minifong says:

    Thank you so much YongWoo! :D
    Your work is far more amazing!! I love your concepts and illustrations, sparks my imagination.. it’s become part of my inspiration.

    I will like to 3D-fy one of your concepts, maybe in the near future. I’ll seek permission from you :)

  2. Jane
    Jane says:

    Hello Ronald! First let me just say thank you for making so many helpful tutorials!! I’ve learned so much from watching as well as doing the tutorials that you create. I have a question. I’ve been using C4D for probably about 3 solid months and because of your tutorials, I’ve got a decent idea on how to do things. I was wondering I am doing something along the lines of this ballon floating through space, except mine is a bubble floating through space. Is there a way you know of to pop a ballon?Also should I not invest in trying to create water in C4D? I was told that RealFlow is meant for that and C4D water isn’t as realistic.


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