MINI Cooper S Photo Realistic Rendering

Hello =)

I have always wanted to take my 3D Mini Cooper S model for an animation ride.
The 3D model is done in Maya some time ago and I rigged it for animation for this exercise.

I have already created a still
using this set of HDRI and backplates I got from some time ago.

But a still image was not enough for me :P

I played around with the camera and backplates to give the illusion that it’s a real trucking/zooming/panning camera. I feel that some shaders can be improved but I am quite happy with the results. This is a very fun exercise for me. I hope this may inspire some out there who wants to do some photo real animation with their 3D vehicle models and I certainly hope you’ll like it ;D

It’s fully rendered and composited in High-Definition, so feel free to watch it at 720p resolution! :D

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