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Hello everybody :)

I have picked up a little bit of Maya Embedded Language (MEL) Scripting in my own free time and have quickly written two scripts which can be helpful when rigging characters.

The Shape Switcher
Have you ever come across rigs with controllers which are difficult to select?
You can now use the Shape Switcher Script to swap away controllers which you do not like. It has proven to be useful for animators and riggers.

The Curve Color Changer
Having different colors for different controllers in a character rig can save a lot of hassle when trying to select the right controllers, especially in the case of differentiating the limb controllers of the left and right sides.
This little utility can help you change the curve colors of either the shape node or the transform node (override color) depending on your preference.
Once again, it can be very useful for both animators and riggers.

Though they are meant to be used for rig controllers, they can largely be used for any Maya Dag Object. :)

If you have any suggestions to improve the script or report any bugs, please feel free to email me.

Enjoy! :D

The MEL scripts are written by Ronald Fong with the sole intention to help himself and fellow digital artists who wants to learn. Use at your own risk and do not use them for commercial use.

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