NYP SIDM Fusion X 2010!

I visited the annual NYP SIDM Graduation Show, Fusion, a few weeks ago.
And I loved the atmosphere!

Fusion, to me, is a celebration and recognition for all the hard work students have put in through their course of study.
I’m glad that the graduates are proud and happy to be showing their work! :)

I saw some works with super potential in visual effects, character animation and not forgetting motion graphics. Mandl and Rifyal has good character animation to showcase, as well as Nigel and Marcus Lee in terms of concept art and illustrations.
It’s the first batch of graduates for the Motion Graphics and Broadcast Design (MGBD) and I was looking forward to see their works.

It was great training to have industrial projects as their assignments for the MGBD graduates.
I had the opportunity to have a chat with some of the MGBD graduates, in particular, the Anomalyst – Jed, Chad, Mus and Ben.

They have a strong portfolio of industrial standard.
I really like their drive and motivation towards their creations and reaching out to clients with their works.
There is a lot of potential in this 4-man collaboration and I believe they will go far as they continue to stick to their goals.

The Anomalyst and I

Fusion X 2010 Collectables

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