Hello everybody!

It has been two and a half years since I began my journey through is course.
I’ve tried many different forms of art, most of which was digital art, though I still love to paint and colour with poster and colour pencils.

There is a new medium I never attempted before – photography.

Recently, I’ve been really into 3D shading and lighting. I know photography will benefit me in terms of composition, tonal, depth and lighting, and it is also a quick medium to achieve nice results.

Quick as it is, I feel that it really takes effort to learn to do it right. As to how long it takes to learn photography, I guess it’s up to talent.

Currently, I have no idea what photography is all about. Therefore in these last 6 months of my course of study in Digital Media Design, I’m taking the digital photography module by my lecturer, James Lee. Really eager to learn a lot of photography stuff.

The first excercise is to take 3 photos of different aperture, take 3 photos of different shutter speed, take 3 photos of different ISO.. to show the use of each function. It’s due on Wednesday and I’ve got none of them done.. Hmm.. How should I go about doing this?

Anyways, I’ll be keeping a log of my photography journey here. A new catergory!
To begin with, I’ll start with a photo I took. I chose to pick this as the first because James said it was not too bad of my amateur photos~ Hahaha!

Okay, here goes!

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