S.E.A. as a high-quality animation brand

When it comes to animation, South-East Asia (S.E.A.) was once a hotspot for outsourcing animation production work to. As a region, we delivered decent work for our wages, so it was considered cost-effective for the bigger players from other parts of the world.


But that was almost 10 years ago.


Today, we are not as competitive in terms of price, and animation quality because an issue because we face some difficulties in retaining the good animators in the S.E.A. region. This is very understandable. Animation is very much a global industry; all the assets are digital, so great animators move to wherever the great productions (and great incentives) move. It does not make sense for great animators to stay put in the region, does it?

This doesn’t have to be the case. I happen to know a couple Singapore 3D production studios achieve work quality that’s on par if not better than 3D production work by the most well-known studios. To the point where investors and clients go to these studios not for “cost-effectiveness” anymore, but for the high quality. And I’m super stoked to know about the existense of these studios and their push for quality animation. They are very quietly producing extremely good work. It proves that it’s possible to sustain high-quality animation production, and retain the great animators, at least on the advertising side.

As a region, this is the direction that we should be headed (maybe less quietly).

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