Sassy – Digital Painting Practice

Hey :)

I love to paint and so here’s my latest digital painting practice. I also recorded my slow and full-of-mistakes painting process so that I can spot my mistakes and I hope it benefits you too!

You can actually see that I had proportion problems at the beginning when blocking. Hahaha! I’m still trying very hard to learn to paint digitally! :D

I kinda like the result of this piece because I can finally get more form in my painting particularly in this piece. The final color scheme is also very close to what I was looking for.
Took me about an hour to complete this painting from scratch.

It’s a fun and nice exercise and I’ll improve along the way and hope you’ll like this video demonstration!

On a side note, I will be serving my National Service from mid-September 2009 till about a couple of years later. Probably less updates during this time, but do check back because I’m planning for a surprise in this website!

Hint: Digiron will strike back with his new-found weapon!
Update – 17 May 2011: The Easter Egg on this website has been removed since version 6.0


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