Siggraph Asia 2008 | Singapore

Siggraph Asia 2008 | Singapore
10 – 13 December 2008

Hello everybody!

10 December
Pixar’s Renderman Course

I was at the first ever Siggraph Asia Conference last week!
The whole of the first day of the conference was spent at NUS Singapore for the Pixar Renderman Course!
Before the conference, there were only 25 seats to the Pixar’s Renderman Course which I was hoping to attend.
Made my way down early in the morning and managed to get the last couple of tickets to the Renderman Course by Prof Malcolm Kesson!
Marcus and I attended the course together and learnt valuable stuff! Lucky me!

The Renderman course covers the concept behind using Pixar’s Renderman, such as RIB files, RIB archives and the Renderman Shading Language [RSL].
We even had the fun of writing our own custom shader! I must say Pixar’s Renderman is really powerful, it has a huge library of procedural textures in SLIM.
And the best part, the SLIM parameters are all able to be brought into Maya to animate!
Understand that the current version of Renderman for Maya [RFM] still has some inadequacies, hence I’m waiting for the release of Renderman 2!

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