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Developed this iridescent glass shader in Maya / Redshift based on IG @odddough ‘s request at work.

  1. Start with the Redshift “Glass” present.
  2. Create a RS Fresnel and remap its values into rainbow hues.
  3. Optionally, if you’ve used MASH Color to have varying colorSet values for each part of your geometry like this toy gun example, you can add a Redshift Color Correction to this resulting information, remap colorSet to 0 to 360 and use it to drive the hue variance of the Color Correction node.
  4. Feed the resulting information into the refraction color of the Glass Material
  5. Increase the Dispersion Abbe number to 1 or 30 to taste, it creates iridescent refraction
  6. Enjoy the results!
An example of what this material can achieve.
The lighting setup for this example render. Some volumetric atmosphere and a couple cylindrical mesh lights with volume contribution
Iridescent Glass Material Shading Network
Screenshot of my screen as I was working on this material. While the render at the start of this post has some simple compositing, from this screen shot, we can tell that it looks pretty good right off the bat, without any comp work.

If the product you’re selling involves premium materials, then a 3D CGI commercial is one of the best ways to present your product!

Magnified Quality

When we create materials in the 3D software, we can zoom extremely close up to the material to showcase the aesthetics and high-quality finish. Great for soft materials such as cotton, leather, stitching, fabrics, weaves, and even brushed metals on electronic products/gadgets.

Controlled camera moves

In CGI, we can get very steady camera moves to survey the quality of the materials. This allows the viewer to be mesmerized by the fine detail of the materials without the distraction of a shaky footage which can happen often when filmed using long lens to get these up-close larger than life shots.

Practical photography concerns

To use shoot the actual product requires a golden sample. A sample void of microscopic production artifacts that are practically invisible to the naked eye, but horrifying unappealing in a close up shot. To add, this can be a logistical problem because it the golden sample often gets damaged or flawed during transportation.

Origin Story

It’s beautiful to watch carefully crafted materials and products, and CGI can showcase the care and assembly of such materials coming together, without the distraction of production equipment and mundane factory setting.

Here are some examples of materials I’ve created and rendered using CGI.

Rendered in SideFx Houdini and Maxon Redshift 3D

If you’re looking to showcase your products in a similar fashion, consider creating CGI commercials!

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