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Iridescent Glass Material in Redshift

Developed this iridescent glass shader in Maya / Redshift based on IG @odddough ‘s request at work.

  1. Start with the Redshift “Glass” present.
  2. Create a RS Fresnel and remap its values into rainbow hues.
  3. Optionally, if you’ve used MASH Color to have varying colorSet values for each part of your geometry like this toy gun example, you can add a Redshift Color Correction to this resulting information, remap colorSet to 0 to 360 and use it to drive the hue variance of the Color Correction node.
  4. Feed the resulting information into the refraction color of the Glass Material
  5. Increase the Dispersion Abbe number to 1 or 30 to taste, it creates iridescent refraction
  6. Enjoy the results!
An example of what this material can achieve.
The lighting setup for this example render. Some volumetric atmosphere and a couple cylindrical mesh lights with volume contribution
Iridescent Glass Material Shading Network
Screenshot of my screen as I was working on this material. While the render at the start of this post has some simple compositing, from this screen shot, we can tell that it looks pretty good right off the bat, without any comp work.

Coral EXR files

Corals, grew them in Houdini FX and rendered in Redshift3D recently. My buddy, Perry wants to have some compositing fun on the render output so I’ve uploaded the files here, in case you’d also want to have a go at comping this!

Look at that comp aqua magic! Totally feels underwater! Perry the beast!

Back to Basics

Starting a series of renders in Feb/Mar 2020 to do experimental shaders and materials on basic forms, colours and composition. It’s back to basics guys!

Happy New Year! It’s 2020

Happy New Year 2020

Happy New Year all! I’ve set some goals and directions for the studio and we’re going to make it happen. May foresight be 20/20.

And I wish to set some directions and goals for this website.

  • Rebrand to ‘Animation Director’ because my experience serves better as an animation director.
  • Write a series of 12 articles following the good response to “Guide to Singapore Animation Industry” in hopes to provide more support for the student community of animators in Singapore.
  • Prepare 12 refreshing visuals to accompany the blog posts every month!
  • Update CV to include recent award-winning projects and to document involvement in projects as Creative Direction at Masonry Studios

Inktober 2019 – Behind-the-scenes

Rendered a bunch of photographic illustrations using Houdini and Redshift for Inktober 2019 using Jake Parker’s official prompt list. I think the spirit of Inktober is meant to revisit a fundamental form of creating illustrations to reignite the passion we artists had when we start out! With that, I purposely designed my “3D-tober” to be entirely void the the compositing process.

Everything was rendered directly using Houdini and Redshift, and using Redshift’s Post Fx for flares, and blooms. I must say, it’s VERY fun! Till the next October! Meanwhile, here are some work in progress images / screenshots of my process. Cheers!

Ronald Fong Inktober 2019 - BTS - 24 Dizzy
Ronald Fong Inktober 2019 - BTS - 25 Tasty
Ronald Fong Inktober 2019 - BTS - 27 Coat
Ronald Fong Inktober 2019 - BTS - 29 Injured
Ronald Fong Inktober 2019 - BTS - 31 Ripe
Ronald Fong Inktober 2019 - BTS - 23 Ancient