Three Components of Communication

7% —– Oral (What we say, the words we use)
38% —- Vocal (How we say, the tone we use)
55% —- Visual (Body language, Facial Expression)

“Visual” is where character animation plays a big part! :D

For character animation, this can be a useful list of the possible meanings of body language:

Rubbing chin
Body not facing the other person
Fiddling with pens, keys etc
Finger pointing
Hands in pockets
Scratching head/neck
Looking at the other person when speaking
Looking around the place
Eyes looking up when talking
Eyes looking down when talking
Uncertainty, deciding, considering
Not interested
Angry, accusing, authority
Depressed, insecure, feeling cold
Confused, puzzled, frustrated
Focused, attentive
Confused, disagree, unhappy
Not interested, bored, distracted
Not interested
Recalling, thinking
Thinking of a reason, likely an excuse

Hmm, if I have time, I intend to grow this list because it can come in useful when deciding on acting choices! :D
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