I’ve decided to revamp a character “Digiron” I made years ago.
Ancient WIP thread here: http://forums.cgsociety.org/showthread.php?t=702668

He has a remarkably cheesy sounding name “Digiron”, short for “Digital Ronald” of course. It’s really silly, but I guess he’s pretty much stuck with this name until I come up with a better one.

At first, he was meant to be a caricatured 3D character of myself. And because of that, this character has NO APPEAL. I’m going to try to goof him up a little and exaggerate proportions. This series of WIP videos is to document this process.

Hope you’ll enjoy this entire series and let me know what you think! =))

Let’s draw some hands!

In animation, it is very crucial to know how to draw hand gestures clean and expressive. Obviously, I didn’t do a very good job. So, join me in such quick practices! It’s really good practice for traditional / 3D animators alike!

Start practising now! :))

Say hello to a fresh new look for my website! There are two main reasons for this update:

1. Other than the improved aesthetics, the function of the website is also improved. It used to be quite a hassle to update works on the website, hence I have decided to have a content management system to power the website.

2. This new design allows for better usability for visitors like you. I also hope it’s easier to navigate through my works now.

Feel free to look around and please do not hesitate to give me some feedback. Cheers!