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Created with Vue 7 Personal Learning Edition

Vue 7 Digital Nature has been released not too long ago and it’s amazing!

I strongly recommend this product to all matte painters. You can get a very good head start to getting the matte done for your film just with a simple setup and let Vue and your machine do the work!

Watch the trailer: http://www.vue7.com/

And if you’re interested in learning the software, there’s a Personal Learning Edition which you can download for free and try it out!

I’ve tried it out myself, it’s very easy to pick up and it produced nice results considering that it was just a few clicks.
Very interesting!

To matte painters, I think it’s a must-have!
To 3D artists or digital compositors like myself, I think it’s a good-to-have. I can tackle the trickiest nature effects such as Oceans, Sky, Clouds, Volumetric Clouds, Vegetation.. plus dynamics and simulation! These are difficult to achieve it the usual 3D packages.

So, that’s all for this post!
I love software developers who are willing to provide learning editions of their packages.

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